Created during the sixteenth cycle by Konoi Caveir, the Black Sun is a highly contained dimensional bridge to Velnir. It's capable of a wide number of things, although the most notable use is its ability to revive the deceased without the sacrificial requirement.

Acquisition Edit

The Black Sun was acquired shortly after its creation by the Guardians. Deemed quickly as being far to powerful of an artifact, the Black Sun became a confidential project that was hidden away from most; even eventually becoming mostly forgotten after being passed down to Konois son, Havil.

The Death of Konoi Edit

Regardless of the Guardians attempts at keeping the Black Sun a secret, inside sources lead to the Black Suns existence becoming known. While Konoi was able to avoid most confrontation regarding it, the Tri-Circles interests in the artifact eventually lead to his capture. After having refused to provide information about the artifacts whereabouts or how it functioned, Konoi was promptly killed.

Havil Caveir Edit